Here’s the thing, I started taking these pills they shown on tv show which said it can help me burn fats really quick, something about ketosis your body gets into when you pop em pills in the morning every day to lose weight. So I checked em out and found it in internet and like I wanted to read what others say about the stuff before I decide to buy. I mean that’s important right? And there’s the picture of this lady who lost a lot of weight and said them pills are very good. I need to lose some for my baby sister’s wedding, I figured what’s a couple of bucks to try. And you know these guys selling these stuffs are quick because my order came at once. I gotta tell you, it felt funny the first 2 days. Like there’s a bit of a dodge in my stomach then disappeared the next day. Already 7 days into drinking these keto slim pills and I promise not to weigh myself until sometime even if I am already feeling the changes like I am getting buffed. But my sister came with her fiance and teased me what I’d been doing because she was surprised to see me smaller in the sides around my belly…and she tricked me to go down the scales! I thought my eyes were playing me because the needle said I was 189.7! That means after 17 days I lost almost 12.2 pounds! I don’t know if it’s just me or them pills because I have added a few sets of crunches in the morning and it’s all I’ve been drinking but I feel energized and like I feel so alive and kicking! I think I’ll be a new person for the wedding and I am going to buy another bottle to make sure of that!