Since the time I lost 12.4 pounds when I did a full keto cycle (28 days) and regained my self-confidence, I decided that was it. That I am never going back to being fat, I just loved feeling lighter, sexier and being wanted. Doing the keto diet did me good but not without will power and the right discipline to follow the meal plan. All I am saying, if you want it bad, you’ve got to work at it to succeed. I was able to shed a couple of pounds, helped me managed my knees (have arthritis) so I was able to sleep well into the night and lessen my mood swings because of the annoying pain. At the time, I was already feeling satisfied with myself and the results but when I saw these keto pills on net, instantly I knew that my journey to weight loss is going to be more exciting! And it was! By taking 1 pill before breakfast and another at night was so effective, I don’t think I’d still be able to go by without it. The pills go perfectly with the diet because it supresses your appetite, that way you lose more of the weight. Now, am on my second cycle and half way through my 1st bottle of advanced keto and I’ve lost a total of 18.3 pounds! I feel energized and able to get through the day feeling happier than before because I am able to do more. Losing that weight off of my body enabled me to do more physical activities. Now, I could exercises without feeling so burnt out. And I got to wear nice fitting clothes which I have so looked forward to doing. These are my numbers, I ain’t saying you’re going to end up losing the same…but I can tell you, you’re going to lose some!! I highly recommend it to anyone who can hold commitment to themselves from eating too much! This product helps with making you eat less literally!

Good product. Recommend this brand!