This product does its job!

Have always been chunky and over the past couple of years, I gained some more. Then I got to the point where I was so tired of wearing the same type of clothes and decided it was time to move on and do something about it. I was heavy and had bigger bottoms so there’s not much option, fashion wise. My wardrobe was a collection of must-haves for bigger women. So there’d be skirts and dresses in a-line or decolettage cuts and waist-cinching silhouettes. Save for a few tailored pieces which were expensive, I never seemed to have run out of blacks and stripes. I was at a point where I knew I needed something drastic but without all the fuzz. I decided to go for diet supplements. These supplements have always been aplenty, I wanted to find something that’s been proven to work. True enough, I found so many of these diet supplements on net. After all premises considered like reported potency, efficacy, ingredients and cost, I decided on this product. I know how ketosis works, so I was bracing myself for the transition like I’d probably be experiencing a low carb flu or something, but it did not happen! The recommended dose was 2 capsules/day since I wanted something dramatic, I decided on 3, one for every meal though I decided to stick with taking pill number 1 before breakfast. Along with it, I also started working on a menu and a list of 20-30-minute set exercises. It was my first try, it was personal. I wanted it to work and it did work! The first week I dropped 3, the second I dropped 4.6, then just 5 days into my third week and the scale was already showing more impressive results at 5.1! Already that’s a total weight loss of 12.7 in barely a month which makes me dropped to 139.5! Sure, these numbers matter a lot to me but so is feeling good which I have never felt in a long while! Have always loved dresses and pretty clothes, thinking that I am now closer to my goal of finally be able to wear something really nice excites me! I am loving how this product actually works with my routine, my schedule!