Perfect! Love it

If I had known earlier that this product not only helps you lose the weight fast and also helps to maintain my sugar levels in check, I could have started taking it long before and not just a month ago. I would have not believed that I have already lost 5.1 pounds in just first week, were my clothes had not been seeming to become lose as the days passed by. I am thinking at this rate; I’d be able to accomplish my target of being trimmed down to 135 pounds. It’s beat I know from my original weight of 172, but I am just starting …. Yes, that’s my target that’s why I’ve already bought the next 3 bottles so I won’t have to wait long for the delivery. Surprisingly enough, delivery for this product was rather fast, good customer service! I can’t wait for the day that I am already able to reach that target! It would mean a lot to me. Like, I’d already be able to wear that fancy dress had been eyeing to buy for sometime now. Or, that I’d be able to cut the number of days I always had to wear black to cheat the bulky corners. These pills also don’t have after taste and I really appreciate that specially when I am about to take the first pill before breakfast or at night when I go for the last one. Overall my experience with this product I can consider top-notch including delivery and customer service. Thanks!