Appetite suppressant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this product as I wanted to prepare my body for the summer. It’s too difficult not to eat pasta here and there especially when you go out to celebrate anything and everything! Yeah I like to eat and it’s my lame excuse for my so-called cheat days. But since I got started with my keto program and with the help of this product, I’ve noticed I’ve been eating less carbs and sugar too! I’d say my weight is always on the average and I’ve always wanted to tone it down and that’s how I got started with this new diet routine. Been on it for 15 weeks and I lost about 27.3 lbs!!! It did require effort though, it required real commitment. My appetite was not as big as it once was and I’ve been maximizing my high energy to hit the gym when I find time and been consuming water to keep me hydrated throughout the day. I must say, it’s worth trying this product and for that, I’m going for 5 stars on this one!