This product first came across the tv show and it had me thinking, do these pills really work? Does it actually help put your body into a ketosis state and melts your fat away throughout the day? Well, it’s almost 2 months before summer and i knew I needed to lighten up the load a little bit. I’ve always wanted to hit the sand without self conscious. I’ve tried a handful of products in the past, from gardenia pills, apple cider and even the acai berry from way back! Nothing has ever worked for me, period. This time was different, I felt the inner calling to owe it to myself to live a long life with my family and loved ones. I felt determined, and I knew if there is even the slightest hint of truth to these pills, I would be able to take advantage of this because my desire to succeed has never been this strong! I invested 2 1/2 hours of research on this product and it got me convinced. The product came quickly and the packaging was above average. The back of the bottle read that I should take this twice a day after each meal. What did I do? I decided to go with 4 per day, 2 after each meal. Some of the reviews I’ve rad suggested accelerated fat burning by taking more if your body weight exceeds 150 pounds. I’m 167 🙁 I knew this time around that I will need to incorporate exercise and gym time to see proper gains. I started walking 6 miles every evening after dinner at the park behind my house. This was combined with proper home cooked meals. I did my own shopping and selected only nutritious food, I cut out all the processed food and avoided all the bad oils. On the weekends I did 45 minutes of treadmill time, with 1-minute sprints for every 3 minutes of walking. This routine wasn’t too hard to keep up after the first 5 days. What did I see after 3 weeks of doing all this???? A phenomenal and well deserved 13.2 pounds lost in under 20 days! I’m 153.8 pounds now! My friends don’t believe it, neither does my family! Well at least until after they saw me in person! I can’t believe any of this…It’s crazy… For the first time in my life, I can actually say I did it, I actually lost weight. The easy part is over, now the hard part comes! Keeping the weight off and maintaining it! It’s crazy to see what you can do when you put your determination to it. Thanks for reading, I will report back in a few more weeks. Would recommend this product to anyone who has even the slightest bit of determination. I wish I ordered the 3 month supply next as it is much cheaper I find! Good luck everyone!