Oh, how I love fats! I mean, c’mon who doesn’t love their butter, bacon, sausages and all that good stuff! As they say, something always has got to give…oh, yeah, my weight did give out and long before I realized how big I’ve become, I was already at my heaviest at 214. At that point I was already considering getting a bariatric surgery had not my diabetes was posting challenges. Then there were the complications that my doctors kept worrying about. The idea of going under the knife wasn’t making me sleep at all and my mom was against the procedure. She asked around for options that’s when she found out about another patient who had gone on to do a keto diet instead and completely abandoned the idea of a surgery. Before Long, I was also doing a supervised keto diet plan. It was a very strict diet and the meal plan called for will power, man it wasn’t easy. But I had to do it because my weight problem was also complicating my diabetes and had me taking more insulin. Even better, my mom also got me drinking these keto pills that were a perfect match to go with the diet to really maximize the results. The results of the combined keto diet and keto pills were tops, I was losing almost 1 pound a day! I repeat…. That’s 1 pound a day!!!! In total during my first run on the program which I did for 59 days at the same time taking 2 keto pills a day to go along, I was able to shed 22.3 pounds. The diet was good but the result kind of plateaued so I want to credit the pills in suppressing my appetite which totally affected the pounds lost. To those who have a lot of weight to lose, I highly recommend taking these pills, 1 in the morning before breakfast and 1 at night to go along with the diet. I have already lost a lot of pounds and I want to continue doing this until I reach my target weight. These pills have also been helping in stabilizing my sugar level and my insulin shots had already been reduced. I am doing this for myself and for my husband  who remains supportive of me no matter what. This product freaking works!!!!