I used to have a very active life and I resent the fact that I am missing so much! The main reason for this started when I had amenorrhea which meant that I wasn’t having my period. With it came a bad case of acne breakouts and binging, so I got fat. One day on my tv set I saw these pills being featured on Shark Tank and decided I give them a try. It was true what all those women who shed a lot of their excess weights using the product said. That while it suppressed my appetite so I didn’t have the urge to really eat up like I used to, it also totally curbed my late-night cravings. The most important role of this product is it works instantly to help your body get into ketosis where your fat is turned into energy and is the reason for the rapid weight loss. 2 weeks into taking these pills 2/day, made me lose 9.1 pounds! My only regret is that I didn’t order the 6-month supply! Anyway, I am still proud of myself that I was able to lose all that weight in a short span of time. Because I am not taking any other supplement, I believe that it was these pills also that’s responsible for making me feel energized, alert and focused. I highly recommend this product to anyone with an oversized body.

Took this picture after 13 weeks on pills

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