Tastes great and worked well !

I’ve been a heavy individual most of my life. With the addition of our newest family members, kacy and julie, I am now a proud mother of 3. But that comes with its difficulties too, I’m 161 pounds at 5’5. I needed to make a change in my life style, a change in my eating… This product first appeared on my television set, on tv show. It spoke of energy? I felt obligated to listen to the people who were successful while on it. I took some time off in the evening, and grabbed a cup of coffee and just researched… the product, the sellers, the reviews. I was convinced and through the recommendation of some of the ladies who have purchased it before, I purchased the 3 month supply .  I went head over heels on learning new recipes to cook, because I knew dieting is 80% of the work. I cooked at home every night except for 1 cheat day after church Sundays. How was I going to get exercise? I needed a plan as I haven’t exercised since my college days, and that’s about 9 years ago lol. I wanted to commit to an activity that didn’t involve me driving to the gym or yoga so I went with the closest option possible, the treadmill behind my garage. I took the pills twice a day, and ate dinner every night between 7-8, and walked religiously after that for no less than 7 miles a day on the machine. It took me roughly 90 mins to do this every day, but I held my head up high and stayed on routine. My older son had his toy set next to me every other night so it wasn’t as boring as it sounds =) What did I achieve after after 41 days of doing this??? A magical and well earned 17.3 pounds loss!!! Incredible to see these results because I damn well deserve it after committing myself for nearly 6 weeks! I still got another 2 weeks to go before I can fully reach that 2 month goal of mine. This is absolutely incredible. I will share this with as many people as I can because I know it works! I’ve done it! You ladies out there can do the same thing, because I did! I recommend this to anyone with a serious commitment to get healthier for 2019. Will be back to report again soon. Good luck everyone.